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If A Man Can L*ck His Wife Or Lover Even In Her Menses Then What’s The Fuss About His Wife Using It To Prepare His Favourite Meal?

man l*cking watermelon

S*x even though overrated but has become a very important ingredient in sustaining and fuelling romantic relationships in our modern world ─ the 21st century.

We live in an era where lovers or couples engage in all manner of weird sexual escapades all in the name of helping each other achieve orgasm or s*xual pleasure ─ from weird and dangerous bedroom acrobatics which even the masters of karate will find it difficult to do to all the recently discovered s*x positions.

This article is filed in column, ‘Love and Relationship’ and it’s in relation to viral screenshots of how a bitter wife retaliating her husband’s wickedness towards her has cultivated the habit of using her menstrual blood to prepare the husband’s favourite meal ─ fufu and palm nut soup.

Let us not tickle ourselves and laugh ─ the truth is people have weird s*xual fantasies ─ ranging from l*cking the honeypot even the an*s which has become the order of the day, peeing on women during s*xual intercourse, women being choked by d*ck as a result of pleasurable blowj*bs and others which cannot be outlined in this article.

The question is if a man can l*ck his lover even in her menses in the name of s*xual pleasure or achieving multiple orgasms then what’s the fuss about using the menstrual blood to prepare his favourite meal?

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To me this is nothing and wait, someone close to me told me it’s even better when the menstrual blood is cooked because all the germs and bacteria likely to cause harm are killed as a result of the heat.

As the controversial marriage and relationship counsellor, George Lutherodt said a few months ago, men are l*cking things ─ things that are dirtier than menstrual blood so it’s nothing when your wife or partner uses it to prepare your favourite meal.

What do you think?

Take a read at the screenshots below.


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