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I Learnt Too Late that Feminism Is A Cancer, Avoid It – American Activist Warns Young Women

A U.S political activist, Candace Owens, has torn into modern feminism and described it as a ‘scam’.

According to Owens, feminism, which is alleged to be about women empowerment, is actually about tearing women down.

Owens, a right-wing activist, made the point during a speech at a recent conference addressing young women.

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According to Owens, a friend revealed to her that it was at age 55 that she realized feminism was a scam and that she had wasted her life believing in its ideals.

“I learnt too late that feminism was a scam. Today I am 55, I am unmarried, I have passed the age I can have children & I have to take medicines to help keep me happy, I am on my medication and that is the scam of feminism,” Owens narrated her friend’s thoughts during her speech at the Turning Point USA Young Women’s Leadership Summit.

“If there’s anything I could go back and do, I would’ve warned myself against the scam of feminism,” she added.

Owens said she has realized the toxicity of modern feminism by the reaction she gets just by daring to say she’s not a feminist.

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“Really, if you want to see something toxic, tell a feminist — who says they support every idea a woman has — tell a feminist that you’re not a feminist and see what happens. See the way that you get treated.

“I can’t think of women that are nastier and meaner than the ones who exist under these p*ssy hats, right?” she added.

She said feminism had become about getting power and not really empowering women as its proponents claim.

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“Suddenly, everybody woke up and they realised that this was not about empowering women. This was not a movement that was really about giving people a voice who have struggled in their past. It was about getting power and getting it by any means necessary.”

“Who is the most extreme feminist you know today?” she asked the crowd.

“Ask yourself a very simple question: Do you think those women are happy? There’s no chance that they’re happy.”

“That is why I believe feminism is a scam, It’s not about uplifting women. It’s about tearing women down.” she added.

Source: GhanaCelebrities.Com


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