Watch the ‘Tolerant’ Christians Come After Him – Omar Sterling Says He Doesn’t Believe in God

Much like feminists who claim to be fighting for equality but can slam their own who dare disagree, the religious people in Africa leave a lot to be desired about religion itself.

Particularly Christians, who make up a majority of Ghanaians, can be quite nasty to those who disagree with their beliefs and sometimes downright violent with those whose lifestyle choices they disagree with (aka homos*xuals).

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Anyone who has taken a second to challenge Christian beliefs will agree with the above assertion, as rapper Omar Sterling is probably about to find out for himself.

According to the R2Bees rapper who is sometimes known as Paedae, he doesn’t believe in any form of organized religion or the God of Christianity, Islam or how the religious have conceptualized God.

Speaking with Bola Ray on Starr Fm, he said he’s not a religious person.

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According to Omar, he has his own definition of God but definitely not what a lot of other Ghanaians hold.

“My concept of God is different from what you think,” he said, adding that he believes everyone is a ‘God’ in their own lives.

But as for the old man in the sky with a beard promising heaven and hell upon death, Omar said that kind of God is complete bollocks.

Source: GhanaCelebrities.Com


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