Is Medikal’s Dumped School Mother, Deborah Vanessa Really Shading Ghanaian Bloggers Or She’s Just Displaying Her Depression?

Sometimes when the person you love so much dumps your a$$ surprisingly for another person more beautiful and extraordinary than who you are, you just end up behaving like a toddler. The case of Deborah Vanessa.

Ever since the young AMG rapper, Medikal came to his senses and dumped her ‘overused’ a$$, out of heartbroken and depression Derby has been posting nonsensical things on social media and sometimes even splashes her Akosua Kuma on her Gram page just to gain back the guy’s attention, but hell no!! the dude isn’t coming back. Lol!!.

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Derby commented under one of Lydia Forson’s Twitter posts in which the actress was asking GhanaCelebrities.Com why we think she hates men.

According to Derby, “The way these whack bloggers attack you personally just proves over and over again how powerful you are. Pathetic losers,” she sadly commented.

Obviously, we all know that Lydia Forson is by far a powerful woman than who Deborah is at least for the fact that she, Lydia has been stronger enough to live her life without a man and respected herself on social media without going ‘nekkid’ just because of a school son’s love.

Source: GhanaCelebrities.Com


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