Lady ‘Snatches’ Boyfriend Of Another Lady Who Bragged That Her Boyfriend Cannot Be Snatched

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It’s interesting how some ladies believe so much in their boyfriends to the extent of allowing other women in just to test their faithfulness.

A young lady is currently chatting with the boyfriend of another lady who bragged that her boyfriend cannot be snatched ─ and just in minutes of chatting with him, things are already happening.

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In a thread on Twitter, a lady with username @Didenlye posted a picture of herself with the caption;

“I can make your boyfriend mine. I can make your girlfriend your ex”.

Another lady with username @AnayoAnn who believes so much in her boyfriend that no lady can snatch her boyfriend boldly replied;

“Hehehehe.. Sorry to burst your bubble, he won’t even notice you exist”.

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@AnayoAnn then asked for her boyfriend’s phone number and in a WhatsApp chat she posted about the conversation she had with the lady’s boyfriend, they are currently dating and ready to meet each other.

Check the thread below.


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