Anyone Who Buys Bro Sammy’s ‘Miracle Water’ Is Not Only A Fool But Stupid – Says Ola Michael

Bro. Sammy recently unveiled his new brand of ‘miracle water’ which he claims can cure almost any ailment you can find on this planet.

This unproven, untested miracle water can cure, among others, HIV/AIDS, cancer and asthma.

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We’ve already written about it in an article in which we rubbished any supposed power of this water – it’s quite obvious this is a money making venture for Bro. Sammy.

It appears filmmaker Ola Michael agrees with that assertion. In a post on Facebook, he calls Bro. Sammy a fraud and said anyone who buys his holy water is foolish and stupid.

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He wrote: “Some years ago Bro Sammy cursed me on live radio during live worship, with death and I am still living even stronger. That is enough to tell you the dude is FAKE!

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“Fila I hear koraa b say he shrunk into a smaller being whiles on stage rehearsing. Something kept from the media.

“Anyone who buys his azaa water will only not be a FOOL but very stupid! It’s fake from the office of a voodoo doctor.

“The guy will soon be starting his own church with juju. The guy is just eye-red and will do anything for money.

“Stay away from such. May the name of our Lord Jesus be praised, forever and ever.”

Source: GhanaCelebrities.Com


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