Be Insulting Me Until You Get AIDS, then You’ll Remember Me – Bro Sammy to Critics – Video

The great miracle worker Bro. Sammy, who claims he can cure any ailment with his special miracle water created only between the hours of 1-2am, has hit back at those criticizing him for trying to make money in such a shameless manner.

It’s pretty obvious that what he’s doing is fake and just a new attempt to make money out of poor and gullible Ghanaians, yet he’s not happy others are calling him out on that.

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On social media he’s being mocked relentlessly for this pretty stupid idea. Film critic Ola Michael called him a fraud and said only stupid people would buy the water, and I have personally compared him to one of those people selling medicines in trotros.

In a fiery reply to his critics, Bro Sammy says those attacking him would need him one day when they get sick.

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“In Ghana people will always talk about you no matter what. If an European do something we’re cool but for a Ghanaian, hell no! Regardless sit on Facebook and insult me. You’ll definitely run to me when you’re infected with HIV someday,” he thundered.


Source: GhanaCelebrities.Com


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