Many Women Are Unmarried Because They Chose Money Over Love- Counselor Charlotte Asserts- As If Love Has Ever Paid The Bills

We have gotten increasingly tired of people always basing something of less relevance on the factors of marriage. Why people are married and not married remains a decision an individual makes and any other that affects that is a consequence they bear alone.

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There are people who chose money over any other thing and that includes love who have the most beautiful marriages this world has ever seen and there are the humble ones, living on less or nothing, decent and ready to marry yet single with no serious person in their lives.

It is not always the case of what a person represent because there would always be an imbalance. Getting married is a subjective decision people take and when that happens, they defy the odds.

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But that is something that claimed Counsellor Charlotte would not know because in her mind, some women are unmarried because they chose money over love.

“I know you are beautiful, I know when any man sees you they admire you but you know why you are not married… it is because you go for money, not love. You go for the man who has a good car and who looks good”

“My dear marriage is not about the one who looks good…marriage is about the one who understands you. It is about the one who can love and cherish you. Young ladies listen to me, go for somebody who will honor and respect you…go for somebody who fears God and stop following all these stars and guys around who will just use you and dump you”.

It does not look like love can pay the bills so…

Source: GhanaCelebrities.Com


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