The Misplaced Priorities of the Ghanaian is Not Just a Leadership Canker—the Case of Strongman-Medikal’s Beef and the Widespread Social Media Conversation

Two local champions, called rappers-Medikal and Strongman are ‘beefing’—perhaps, out of nowhere and just to increase their social media followers, and the young population of Ghana has been talking about it nonstop.

It’s obvious the Ghanaian on social media can record videos and write back-to-back—when the issue at hand is wholly irrelevant.

The same Ghanaian is faced with an inundation of problems—political, social and economical. But you wouldn’t find the Ghanaian social media landscape engaged in aggressive conversations capable of leading to a change in the pitiful status-quo.

If we take on our political leaders with the same aggression or follow national issues with the same attention we are giving to these alleged fraud boys called rappers, we would have scared the hell out of these leaders to do what’s right—probably.

Entertainment is great but it’s luxury. A person who is so much interested in entertainment has mostly gotten the fundamentals or the necessities of life sorted out. The Ghanaian lacks the basic pillars of life, but instead of robustly discussing these, he would give his maximum attention to the fun of nonsense such as the Medikal-Strongman beef.

Because the Ghanaian youth is this stupid, the dying old men will continue to incompetently rule us—and mess our future for us, right in our faces.

By the time we are done with following nonsense, we would be left to our fate of emptiness.

We constantly say our leaders have misplaced priorities. This indictment applies to all of us.

Our activism for what’s needed is non-existent.


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