Medikal Goes ‘Mad’ After Strongman’s Deadly Punches; Threatens To Drop Nikki Samonas’ Dirty Secrets

Rapper Medikal has gone ‘mad’ on Twitter and instead of continuing his beef with Strongman, he is rather beefing with women ─ apparently for supporting Strongman.

Medikal on Twitter has threatened to release the dirty secret of actress Nikki Samonas after she explained “Nkofie” ─ a word in the Twi language Strongman used in one of his diss tracks to him.

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It all started when Nana Aba Anamoah asked Strongman; “wa huhru s3 nkofie. Masa @StrongmanBurner, what is nkofie?”

Nikki Samonas explaining the word “Nkofie” to Nana Aba wrote;

“Yam mound … planting yam … a heap up into a rounded pile”.

Obviously pissed off Medikal replied Nikki Samonas threatening to releases her dirty secrets.

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“If I start to release your keys er, ego under u, mobile money fo)”, he replied with laughing emojis.

Apparently, Medikal knows one or two dirty secrets about Nikki Samonas.

Medikal, Nikki thread

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