Straight from Ghana, A Young Ghanaian’s Dream Has Come TRUE By Passing His British Army Assessment in the UK Over the Weekend

A few weeks ago, I wrote about how a young Ghanaian in Ghana who applied to join the British Army and he was refused his visitor’s visa by the Home Office—despite receiving an invitation from the British Army and having made a solid application.

Felix’s Certificate

The Home Office unreasonably claimed that he would not return to Ghana after his visit, and came to this erroneous conclusion by failing to consider his strong ties to Ghana. Also, the probability that he would get enlisted and would not even be required to return to Ghana or only temporary was not considered.

I challenged the unreasonable visa refusal via the Judicial Review route for the young man and finally, the Home Office withdrew their refusal—and granted him the visa to visit the UK for his Army assessment.

When the young man, Felix, landed in the UK, he called me to thank me once more and I used that opportunity to wish him well. I also asked him to keep me updated on his progress.

Over the weekend, I received exciting news from him. He has passed his assessment and has been selected at a British Army Assessment Centre in Lichfield. The joy in his voice when I spoke to him was refreshing.

He has always wanted to join the British Army, he told me during my legal challenge of his visa refusal and that dream is here, right in front of him.

I have received several E-mails and phone calls from young men and women in Ghana, all wanting to join the British Army following my previous article.

Perhaps you are also wondering why all these men and women want to join the British Army and not that of Ghana.

Apart from the opportunity to relocate to the UK, a Facebook friend who wanted to join the Navy in Ghana sadly told last week that he has not been able to proceed further because somehow, he has been asked to pay a bribe of 5000 GHS by the person leading him. As a result, he is now seeking for enlistment into the Royal Marine in the UK.

Our young men and women are adamant to work and succeed but the lack of opportunities back home is driving them out of our country.

I am super excited for Felix—and I wish him well.

I know several Ghanaians (some who are friends) in the British Army and they are making a difference out there.If you have been refused a visa to the UK including a visitor’s visa, all hope is not lost. If the refusal is unreasonable, you can legally challenge it and have the refusal overturned.

If you have recently been refused a UK Visa, Call Adukus Solicitors in London now and our UK Immigration experts will provide the needed assistance to get the refusal overturned if deemed to be unreasonable.

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Felix’s message to me


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