Moronic Zealot of A Teacher At KUHIS Allegedly Punishes Afia Schwar’s Jewish Son for Refusing to Attend Church Service

There are a lot of wrong things that go on in this country which people turn a blind eye to because they probably agree with the action.

Ghanaians have this unique ability of not caring about anything unless it affects them immediately.

Irrespective of our limitations, wrong is wrong no matter where or to whom it is meted out to.

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And a student at a public school being forced to adhere to one particular religion is patently wrong.

Public schools in Ghana must be available for everyone to use and not just people of a certain faith, thus what Afia Schwarzenegger has described as happening to her son is unconscionable.

The mother of three took to social media today to describe certain injustices which have been perpetrated against her son at the Kumasi High School.

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According to her, her son, who is Jewish, was punished by a teacher after refusing to attend church service.

Last we checked Freedom of religion is a thing in this country and everyone must be free to practice the faith of their choosing.

Afia also made other allegations that her son has been abused in the school and that she’s taking legal action against it, which is the right thing to do.

Fact is there are a lot of people in authoritative positions in this country who abuse their power, whether we’re talking about a pregnant lady being stopped from writing exams or a telco putting clauses in contracts which discriminate against pregnant ladies.

So long as the Kumasi High School is not an explicitly religious school but a public college run with taxes, people of every faith should be able to attend there and worship any God they like, whether it is Maame Water, Antoa, the Jewish God or even no God at all.

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I bet the moronic zealot masquerading as a teacher who sacked Afia Schwar’s kid did not know that the Jewish God is actually the same as the Christian God and that Christianity is an offshoot of Judaism.

That’s just what religion does to our brains down here.

Source: GhanaCelebrities.Com


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