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Only A Fool Dates A Fraud Boy And Doesn’t Expect A Broken Heart – Open letter to Ms Efia Odo

In the past few days, Efia Odo has clearly and consistently made it pretty obvious that she loves fraud boys and does not mind having to date them.

The actress, in several interactions with Twitter users over the past few days, has bluntly confirmed what used to be a dig at her, that she loves going out with fraud boys.

According to her, fraud boys are doing legitimate work and she doesn’t mind dating them. And if she gets to enjoy from their ill-gotten wealth, that’s just a delightful side effect.

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And she’s been making good on that pledge, formerly dating Kweku Revloe and now allegedly in a relationship with a very young boy in Kumasi who mysteriously commands so much wealth.

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It’s no wonder she didn’t give a rat’s behind when she was warned that Reveloe is a fraudster, she already knew and approved!


Whilst pleasurable in the moment, dating a fraud boy is an enterprise that is never going to end well; indeed it is only a fool who dates someone with fraud in their job title and expect to be told the truth.

After her breakup with Reveloe, Efia Odo felt down for a while but later bounced back after identifying some problems she felt contributed to the downfall of that relationship, most of all social media.

“I think I will not bring my next relationship out not because Social media will destroy my relationship but just be careful. Don’t post your boyfriends and girlfriends until you get married; that’s what am doing next,” she said at the time.

But social media or not, dating someone whose job is literally to lie and not expect to be lied to is naive to the point of stupidity. If Efia Odo is in these relationships just for what she can get out of them, stunning trips around the world, cruising around town like a queen and some coins for upkeep, no problem.

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But the way she reacted to the Reveloe breakup indicates maybe she wants more from these relationships? But if this is the goal then she should get this silly notion of dating fraud boys out of her head, because lying is literally their job description.

Success in that field is measured by those who can weave the most convincing lies to their victims to get them to believe them and part them from their monies. Lying is second nature to such people.

And being able to do it so easily with strangers simply translates into their personal lives. If they can get people living an ocean away to part from their wealth imagine what they can do to someone right in front of them.

For the ashawobrity lifestyle, fraud boys are legitimate targets but if Efia ever expects anything more, that’s the wrong place to look.

Down that road only lies more heartbreak.


Source: GhanaCelebrities.Com


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