VIDEO: Africans Pretend To Hate Adult Contents In Public But Sneak To Watch Secretly In Their Rooms – Says Kofi Adoma And We At GC Agree With Him

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For we at, we’ve always believed that Africans especially Ghanaians are hypocrites who cry out in public that they hate adult contents or news surrounding social media slay queens but will comfortably creep like termites to watch or read such contents in their closets.

Now, according to former Adom FM’s presenter, Kofi Adoma, Africans are indeed hypocrites when it comes to adult contents and it’s extreme to the extent that when African man says he loves a woman it’s because of a feature he has spotted on the body of the lady ─ it can be her big hips, butts or breasts.

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Kofi Adoma cited an instance where he got an erection when he visited a naked pool abroad but to his dismay, none of the white males got an erection and this is a clear indication that when a white man says he loves a particular woman then he truly means it.

Kofi Adoma added that people criticise him when he does interviews revolving around adult content but it’s these same people who are watching these adult contents on YouTube on a daily basis in their closets.

He said this in relation to a video documentary he wants to premier on how African men see women and he revealed this in an interview with Blogger Zionfelix.

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In conclusion, Africans love what they claim to hate in public in their secret rooms.

Watch the interview below.

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