Moesha Boduong Called A Villager After Struggling To Open Helicopter Door

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Ghanaian actress and socialite, Moesha Boduong, is having a time of her life — probably her dream life.

She is currently chilling in the United States and she’s making sure those of us here see everything going on.

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Over the weekends Moesha Boduong represented Ghana at the 2019 BET awards event. Moesha took the Hollywood Walk Of Fame, had fun on the red carpet and went chilling with R&B singer Neyo.

That’s just by the way…..

Apparently, Moesha has been called a bush girl after she went chilling and in a helicopter and struggled to open to exit.

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Moesha shared the video on Instagram and she was greeted with insults.

@doomdays_2mins “You’re a villager, you don’t know how to open it @moeshaboduong”

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@yngriches: “You don’t know how to open it. don’t say it doesn’t want to open.”

@ldaniat: “Sister sister you couldn’t open it.” That awkward, my door will not open.

Source: GhanaCelebrities.Com


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