CHRIS-VINCENT Writes: Serwaa Amihere’s ‘Apology’ Saga – The Untold Story of What Really Happened and How Ghanaians Got It Wrong

Over the past few days, social media has become a minefield, dragging one of the top tv presenters in the country through the mud as if she was a nobody with no idea how to carry out her job.

GhOne TV’s Serwaa Amihere, who has grown in leaps and bounds in her time in the public limelight and distinguished herself for her class, professionalism and character, became victim to the fast acting internet mob who act as judge, jury and executioner on issues without even getting the full facts of the case first.

Serwaa’s crime, as far as I can fathom, is that she asked Strongman a question as to whether he plans to apologize to Fella Makafui and others offended over some demeaning lyrics he used in one his diss songs to Medikal during the height of their short-lived ‘beef’, if you can call it that, last weekend.

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That question got Ghanaians up in arms against her and led to incessant trolling which has continued consistently for several days.

The charge against Serwaa is that she was hypocritical in asking Strongman to apologize to Fella when she had not asked Medikal to do the same to Nana Ama, Strongman’s girlfriend, who he also dragged in his diss track to Strongman.

However, there were very crucial facts in the sequence of events of what happened on GhOne that day which has been omitted in the rush to crucify Serwaa on the altar of hypocrisy, facts which rewatching the interview would bear out.

What actually happened in the studios of GhOne TV that day was that both Medikal and Strongman were scheduled to be interviewed on their ongoing beef at the time. Medikal was the first to be interviewed but he was out of the country at the time (still in the U.S), and technical challenges cut the interview short.

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Information from the crew of GhOne TV indicates that a similar set of questions had been prepared for both rappers to answer in regards to their ‘beef’.

Medikal, who was scheduled to be interviewed first, could not complete his interview because the line to the U.S was interrupted and could not be reestablished despite persistent attempts to get him back on air.

In his absence, Strongman was called and also interviewed and the scheduled questions which would have been put to Medikal were also put to him, including the one concerning an apology to his opponent’s spouse.

During Strongman’s interview, continuous attempts were ongoing to get Medikal back on the line but unfortunately did not materialize.

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The plan, obviously, was to put similar questions to both rappers to gauge their responses, but the problems in getting through to Medikal to complete his interview made it seem Strongman was the only one asked the apology question when the plan was to ask both.

Serwaa Amihere, who has acted with nothing but the utmost professionalism throughout her time on GhOne, cannot be at fault for technical challenges which did not make her complete the scheduled interview. She certainly cannot be accused of hypocrisy for a question she fully intended to ask Medikal as well, seeing as both artists had attacked each other’s girlfriend.

Even an amateur in the news game would be aware they would be open to charges of hypocrisy if they asked such a one-sided question of two parties in a beef who had behaved the same way, much less a seasoned professional like Amihere.

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It’s quite unfortunate how things turned out in that Medikal could not complete his interview that day, but the subsequent trolling based on half baked facts have been widely out of hand but sadly a symptom of our social media driven time.

Source: GhanaCelebrities.Com


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