Becca Blocks Comments On Her Instagram Page As She’s Unable To Stand The HEAT

Apparently, it has become difficult for Becca to stand the heat of bashing as a result of her mother’s live Facebook interview with the Founder of, Chris-Vincent Agyapong on Saturday, June 29, 2019.

Becca who subtly responded to her mother’s sad revelation with “plenty nonsense” caption has blocked comments on her Instagram page ─ apparently, to prevent Ghanaians from descending on her.

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Social media users have descended heavily on her over her mother’s sad revelation that she hasn’t heard from her since she got married to her Nigerian husband, Tobi Sanni and the witchery accusations levelled against her by Tobi.

Some of her fans have advised her to make peace with her mother because mothers are very precious and once you lose them, there is nothing left for you in life.

In one of the comments, a user advised her to apologise to her mother else the curse of neglecting her mother because of a man will follow her wherever she goes.

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“A man will leave when he finds another suitor! Your mum will Always be there! You are not correct in the brain! Trust me! Choosing a Man over your Mum!??? You must be Crazy! You must start thinking well! Lord have Mercy on You!”, @Cutemyi advised.

@aba_nyarkoa also advised; “Husbands come and go but a mother’s love last forever and forever❤❤”.

@i_am_quaku_jordan angrily wrote; “Which sense are you talking about? 
So one marriage you get now your mum is a witch for you ryt?🤔 Children of today paa de3”.

Watch the full interview here…

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