Becca’s Nigerian Husband, Tobi Is A Divorced Man With 2 Kids – Becca’s Mum Confirms

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Becca’s mother’s interview with the Founding Editor of was such an emotional interview and one could tell that Becca’s mother is hurt as a result of Tobi’s witchery allegations.

Becca’s mother, Juliana Oti revealed a lot and also confirmed the rumour of Becca’s Nigerian husband, Tobi Sanni being a divorced man with 2 kids.

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According to Madam Juliana Oti, her advice to her daughter, Becca that she should be careful with her finances prior to Becca’s marriage to Tobi was on the back of the fact that Tobi Sanni was a divorced man with 2 kids already, a boy and girl.

Madam Juliana continued that as a mother whose daughter was about marrying, she had to do little background checks on the man’s tribe and how they go about their stuff.

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She then realised that Tobi is a Yoruba man and according to their tradition, a man’s first son automatically becomes his heir and since Tobi has a son already she became curious because of the colossal amount of money involved in Becca’s Zylofon Media deal.

Madam Juliana’s fear was Becca might be blinded by love to do whatever in her husband’s name ─ be it property or any assets she acquires in her career and that’s dangerous since her husband is from a tribe that puts much value on first sons.

So on the back of the fact that Tobi has a son already, she had no option than to advise her daughter to take care of her finances seriously even though she is married.

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Well, she said a lot in the 60 minutes interview with Chris-Vincent and from the look of things, it’s likely to get scarier in the coming days and wouldn’t miss the thread.

Watch the full interview below.


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