Social Media Users Predict Doom For Becca’s Marriage After Her Mum’s Sad Revelation

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In comments monitored by concerning the live Facebook interview between Becca’s mother and Chris-Vincent Agyapong, some social media have predicted doom for Becca’s marriage to her Nigerian husband, Tobi Sanni.

According to some social media users, mothers are ‘everything’ and once a child neglects the mother, she or he is likely to face difficulties in life and that is the case of Becca.

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In a comment by one Abigail Agyapong, she disclosed how her marriage collapsed because she neglected her mother.

Abigail Agyapong wrote; “I did the same thing to my mum are the end of day my marriage didn’t last”.

The majority of social media have blasted Becca for neglecting her mother because of a man.

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Take a read at some of the comments monitored by

Prissy Miller; “419 marriage.I am sure she was the one who paid for everything”.

Amoah Jericho; “I’ll never engage any lady who has no respect for her mum, regardless.
Even if mum isn’t good, you should have a way out and it has to be decorous”.


Princess Ann; “The power of dick I remember how Becca brought her mum last year at her concert I wept seeing both them on stage. Love can be blind”.

Alormene Gilbert; “I respected this lady so much. After marrying that fraudster i lost it all for her”.

Godson Adzifome; “After listening to Becca’s mum i can confidently say Becca is doomed,she must pray and ask for forgiveness from God otherwise the wrath of God will visit her”.

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Kenny Williams; “I pray my daughter never tells me she wants to marry a Nigerian, she would have received the dirtiest slap ever in world”.

David Kyere; “Becca has disappointed Ghanaians and her family. very shameful”.

Akosua Asiedu; “Mum it’s difficult but please 🙏🏽take heart, and leave them alone, she will regret it one day”.

Sefakor Gbedzer; “I can have issues with my mom but my husband u have no right to disrespect my mom”.

Check the rest of the comments on Facebook page.

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