Becca’s Husband Is Planning Something Evil Which Is Why He Has Cut Everyone Out of her Life Except Him – Appietus

Legendary Ghanaian sound engineer Appietus has warned Becca’s husband, Tobi Daniel, that he would not have it easy if something were to happen to the singer.

According to Appietus, Tobi has evil intentions for Becca which is why he has cut everyone out of her life except himself. Appietus warned him to be careful because if something happens to Becca they would come for him.

His comments come in the midst of the current ‘beef’ between the singer and her own mom. Becca seems to have completely given over her life to her husband, who has reportedly branded Becca’s mum a witch and cut her out of their lives.

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Becca, presumably an intelligent, modern-day African woman, is gladly going along with this character assassination of her own mum. She’s firmly in her husband’s camp and her response to her mum’s pain is to snidely reaffirm her love for her husband.

Speaking on the issue on Okay Fm, Appietus said Becca’s husband is up to something evil, which is why he is isolating her from everyone in her life.

On the radio show, they revealed how Becca has over a million followers on Instagram, but follows only one person in return – her husband.

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Appietus said whatever Tobi is planning for Becca it cannot be good if he’s kicking everyone else out of her life.

“What is the guy afraid of? He is up to something,” Appietus said.

“I have nothing against Nigerians but some of them they go overboard. This guy is up to something. why is he clearing the way? Why is he cutting everyone out of Becca’s life?

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“What is he up to? What does he want from Becca that he’s cutting everyone out of her life? If something happens to Becca he would not have it easy, even in Nigeria. People would come from Warri and come and look for him, so he should be careful.” Appietus warned Dr Tobi.

Source: GhanaCelebrities.Com


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