Over 50 People Killed In Nigerian Fuel Tanker Explosion – Victims Were Stealing Fuel from Capsized Tanker when Explosion Happened

A capsized fuel tanker exploded in Benue state in Nigeria Monday, killing at least 50 people and injuring just as many more.

The explosion might have been less deadly, except some people thought it a wise idea to try and steal some fuel from the tanker whilst it was capsized.

According to reports, the fuel tanker was trying to dodge a pothole when the driver lost control and the car fell over.

Instead of staying as far away as possible from the scene, people rather rushed in to try and siphon fuel.

During the siphoning, the tanker caught fire and exploded. The accident was worsened when a bus also collided with the tanker and burned as well.

The governor of the state said about the accident: “A tanker loaded with fuel fell yesterday [Monday] and people were scooping its products when it caught fire, killing over 50 persons,”

Exactly the same thing happened in Kumasi a few years ago, exposing the similarity in mentality between the two countries.

This is Africa! This is hardly the first time a fuel tanker has fallen down, creating an extremely flammable situation which could go bad at every moment; but people still try to steal fuel every single time it happens.

You can be sure that even after this incident, the next time a fuel truck falls down, people would rush to steal fuel once again.

Source: GhanaCelebrities.Com


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