Castro Called and Told Me He Will Return to Ghana This Year – Says Some Attention Seeking Dude Claiming to Be Castro’s Friend

Every once in a while Castro the destroyer returns into the headlines, usually over some outrageous comment made by someone in reaction to his disappearance.

The poor guy is dead but his family won’t be allowed to grieve in peace with these constant claims that he’s alive when that is highly unlikely.

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As the 5th anniversary of his disappearance approaches, a guy who claims to be a childhood friend of the musician claims that he’s alive.

Yawkoi, as he’s known, told the Graphic Showbiz that he knows for a fact that the singer is alive because they’ve spoken on the phone a couple of times.

He also said Castro has informed him that he’ll be returning to Ghana this year.

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“Castro will come back this year, he told me and that when he called me to tell Ghanaians that they will see him, I have spoken to him twice and each time, he called with a private line,” Yawkoi told Showbiz.

“The first time I received a call from a private number and the person introduced himself as Castro, I brushed it off and didn’t pay any attention to the person but as someone who has always believed that my friend is alive, I realised it was a hasty decision I took.

“Luckily, I got another private number again and this time, I decided to be more inquisitive so I started asking relevant questions and lo and behold, it was my lost friend Castro. From his responses, I was convinced and he told me to let Ghanaians know that he is alive and would be back this year,”

The dude is apparently a musician and aside for looking for hype for his dead career, I cannot think of any reason for these wild claims. It’s either that or he’s deluded for real.

Source: GhanaCelebrities.Com


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