The Hypocrisy Of Becca’s Father Mr Acheampong As He Releases An Absurd Family Statement On An Ongoing Issue – CHRIS-VINCENT Writes

The family of Becca on Wednesday released a statement addressing the ongoing issues surrounding the singer and her now estranged mom.

The statement, signed by Becca’s father, Mr Acheampong, apologized for the family’s issues being discussed in the public sphere and cast both Becca and her husband Tobi as angels and Becca’s mum Julie as a devil.

Founding Editor of GhanaCelebrities.Com, Chris-Vincent Agyapong, who held the initial interview of Julie in which she poured out her frustrations with her daughter and the husband, has torn apart the obviously hypocritical statement which is a poorly constructed attempt at damage control.

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According to Chris, Becca’s father is being hypocritical in claiming their family does not air their dirty laundry in public when he has done something similar himself in the past.

Check out Chris’ critique of the Acheampong family statement in full below…

Sometimes, the obvious must still be pointed out. Becca’s family has released a statement signed by her father-Mr Acheampong and that statement is the hallmark of hypocrisy and contradicts facts.

1. The statement says Becca has been raised with Christian morals or in the Christian way. Is Ephesians 6:1 which states that “Children, honour your father and mother….” no more Christian text or in the Bible? Why is Becca, the Christian child not doing that?

I do not want to go into Becca’s life and whether it’s Christian-like or not, but a woman who allegedly was dating a married man for financial gains can be anything but Christian.

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2. The statement further mentions that Tobi loves and respects Becca’s mother-Madam Juliana Oti. How is this possible when he has not spoken to this same woman, his in law, in almost a year—how is this respect and love? When also he has not even “compelled” the woman’s daughter to speak to her or make peace?

3. The statement says that it is not the nature of the family to discuss family matters in the media, signed by Becca’s father-Mr. Acheampong. This is the same Mr. Acheampong who was freely granting interviews in the media a few years ago stating that he has disowned Becca and has taken back every property he has given her. That was not a family matter—rather, alien matter huh? Just google “Becca’s father and Kiki Banson” and see what you would find.

4. Now Mr Acheampong signed the statement apologizing to Ghanaians and his in-laws in Nigeria for the conduct of Becca’s mother. Why didn’t he apologize to the sensitivity of the Ghanaians offended by the fact that he, at the time in his 30s or so, impregnated a 14/15-year-old girl? That’s defilement, a criminal offence…right?

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5. Coming to the same media or internet to release a statement on a family issue, addressing concerns–and stating that family issues should not be in the media beats my intellect.

What is your take?

Chris-Vincent Agyapong

Source: GhanaCelebrities.Com


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