‘A Counsellor Whose Shoes are Brighter than His Future’, Is that One Too A Counsellor? – Ghanaians Roast Lutterodt for Calling Becca’s Mum A Witch

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Counsellor Cyril George Lutterodt was back in the news earlier today after he gave his first interview addressing the ongoing issue between Becca and her mum.

Lutterodt, as usual, minced no words as he tried to stir up emotions to get what he wants most, attention.

Speaking on TV Africa, he said Becca’s mum is a witch, a liar and suffering from depression.

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However, in response to our story, Ghanaians are definitely not happy with Lutterodt and have opened fire on him just as much as he did on Becca’s mum.

In numerous comments on our facebook page, insult after insult are rained on Lutterodt whose comments did not go down well with our readers.

One reader fired: “It’s only in Ghana that we call anything trash a counselor., a counselor whose shoes are even brighter than his future! Odwan fit.”

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Another enraged commenter wrote: “If Becca’s mum is a witch then your mum is a witch and a demon,”.

Another fired: “This is someone’s family issue abeg stay away. Your shoes like motorway!”.

If he can dish it out he should be able to take it as well.

Check out some of the comments below, and for context, we’ve added the shoe which shines brighter than Lutterodt’s entire future.

Ghanaians ain’t got no chill!


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