Abuse Of “AKWANKEYERE” In Our Churches – The Case of Bohye, Obofour & Owonta Nana; A twist of lies, loyalty and integrity

About 2 years ago, a respectable Pentecostal pastor known as Elder Bismark or ‘Bohye’, started a series of timely sermons that happened to shake a lot of our modern day Ghanaian prophets off their balances. His sermons hit hard on prophets and pastors who centre their ministries on the business of selling merchandise like holy water, holy perfumes, stickers, coloured candles, shea butter (nkuto) etc.

As a result, some of these prophets came out owing up on the selfish approach they attached to this kind of religious business. But, some also took it the other level by raising grudges, hurling insults and fighting the renowned man of God on his teachings.

One of them being our self acclaimed richest Prophet, Obofour and his former worker and junior pastor Owonta Nana. This story is a twist of preaching the right message however hard it is, the need to belong, prove loyalty, integrity and lies.

A case between two renowned men of God, Elder Bismark (Bohye) and Obofour; and then one Owonta Nana (a radio presenter who once worked with Obofour). I think We all need to understand this, no one says giving out spiritual directions a.k.a ‘akwankyere’ or tokens in churches at a fee is evil and we can agree that the use of tokens and spiritual directions is biblical, but it must by all means not be in conflict or replace the good word of God and the protocols of sound Godly administration.

In Ghana, like most African countries, church and spiritual things are very sensitive topics and discussing them creates factions but sometimes the truth probably must just be addressed raw.

In March 2019, while preaching Bohye made certain remarks that probably pierced deep into the soul of Prophet Obofour. Obofour did not take this message lightly as he jumped on his TV station to level a bouquet of insults on Elder Bismark. Even Owonta Nana leveling all sort of lies against Bohye and later coming to apologize and saying he was influenced by his former boss Rev. Obofour.

In Conclusion i think every preacher shouldn’t make it a hallmark to be selling on his/her pulpit or indulging in any sort business as his main focus of his/her ministry. As this makes it so obvious of deceiving the ordinary Ghanaian into thinking hes/she is very powerful and that it should cost them some money to see or get a help. The word of God and saving souls should be the most important thing in their ministries.

This post was published on July 5, 2019 4:25 PM

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