Parliamentarians Planning to Spend $200m We Don’t Have Building A Chamber We Don’t Need Deserve to Be Arrested More than A Ghanaian Protesting their Mad Plan- The Case of Ernesto Yeboah -VIDEO

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A Ghanaian youth exercising his right to protest was tackled and arrested by security in Parliament House today.

Ernesto Yeboah was part of a picketing group protesting the extravagant and unnecessary chamber when he was arrested alongside two others.

Ernesto and his colleagues were screaming ‘Drop that Chamber’, the rallying cry of Ghanaian’s opposition to the most useless project ever coined by a supposedly compassionate government.

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In a video uploaded to social media, Ernesto kept protesting even as security officers slammed into him and handcuffed him. He was still protesting the chamber as he was dragged away.

It is the height of injustice that the mostly old and pot-bellied members of Parliament living large on the toil of Ghanaians get to sleep in comfort whilst those protesting the waste of our resources are arrested and questioned by the police.

The fact that there are countless areas of this country without clean drinking water and electricity as I type this, or that people die every day due to our mostly useless health system, or that the cost of living continues to ratchet alarmingly through the roof every single day – and the lawmakers we sent to parliament to represent us think it’s a good idea to spend $200m we don’t have to build a chamber we don’t need, tells you everything you need to know about them.

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They’re callous, unfeeling, and selfish, the lot of them – and every single one of them deserves to be tackled to the ground and arrested before a single citizen protesting this madness is arrested.

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