Only Weak Minds Allow Social Media to Drive them to Depression — Juliet Ibrahim’s Advice to Efia Odo and Co.

Some public figures have complained about cyberbullying and trolling, warning that it could lead to depression, with some of them even trying to form coalitions to block anyone who trolls them.

Efia Odo claimed she was depressed a while ago, run away from social media then came back to continue her antics. She then started complaining that social media could drive her to depression once again.

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Actress Juliet Ibrahim however, has said she doesn’t allow social media comments or trolling to get to her and its only the weak minded who allow that to affect them.

Speaking with Showbiz, Juliet said if someone says what she doesn’t like she just blocks them and does not allow what they’re saying to get to her.

“Social media drives people with weak minds into depression, mental breakdown, blind competition and all sorts of negativity,” she told Showbiz.

“I don’t care about negativity. Not everyone will like you. I certainly do not entertain bullies and trolls so I’ll usually delete a comment if it doesn’t add any value to my life.

“If a troll or bully decides to continue bothering me, I simply block the person. It’s really not that deep. When you’re too busy focusing on better and important things, petty things barely get your attention,” she added.

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Juliet added that things used to bother her more when she started her career but she’s since grown out of that.

“Certainly, false news or negativity cannot get to the point of breaking me down. Yes, there’s been a moment when I started my career where I was a bit more fragile but with experience and growing up, I really don’t care.” she said.

Source: GhanaCelebrities.Com


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