Ghanaians Only Act Holy for Two Hours on Sunday, then Go Right Back to their Evil Ways – ‘Angel’ Efia Odo Preaches

Even a broken clock is right twice a day, an ancient saying goes. Efia Odo has hit the nail on the head concerning one of the biggest probems with Ghanaians, our hypocrisy.

Going to church on Sundays is mainly a charade, because the people who go in are the same who spent the entire week breaking any possible law in the Bible and are the same who would come out and continue breaking them.

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In fact our politicians, most of whom are actively working to drain this country to fill their pockets, are mainly church elders or leaders in their mosques.

In a post on twitter, the actress cum tv host said Ghanaians act holy only on Sundays, only to go right back to our evil ways.

Odo wrote: “Lol people only act holy and worship on Sundays and not even the whole day, Just the 2-4 hours then go right back to being evil on the other days,”

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And she would know about that, wouldn’t she?



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