VIDEO: Lydia Forson With Thick-clayed Makeup And ‘Fake’ Eyelashes On ‘Deceives’ Herself That She’s Beautiful

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Lydia Forson is one Ghanaian actress I personally find interesting not because of her movies but her fight for gender equality with big grammar on social media ─ she never annoys me even though she claims to piss off a lot of people.

The actress has posted a video of herself on Instagram with her usual thick-clayed makeup and fake eyelashes on and in the video, she claims to be beautiful with that ‘fake’ looks.

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She was heard in the video bragging about how beautiful she looks and added that she sometimes wonders why God created her this beautiful.

If a woman claims she is beautiful by the mere fact of having fake eyelashes and thick-clayed makeup on then she is obviously confused.

I’m sure all the women who have ignorantly bleached their skin stand in front of their mirrors and deceive themselves of possessing some sort of beauty too and actress Lydia Forson is no different from such women.

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Watch the video below.

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Haven’t annoyed you in a while, you’re welcome. ❤️

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