VIDEO: Xandy Kamel Ignorantly Says There’re No Celebrities In Ghana

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At this point let’s generously refer to Xandy Kamel as a self-acclaimed actress since she believes there are no celebrities in Ghana.

Now, according to the Cambridge Dictionary, a celebrity is “someone who is famous, especially in the entertainment business” or “the state of being famous”.

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So what’s slay queen and attention seeker Xandy Kamel talking about? For someone who thinks she is a celebrity who has an influence on her followers to display such ignorance on television is unpardonable.

Xandy Kamel believes that it’s only Presidents and Heads of States who are celebrities since they have the power to declare public holidays ─ it’s funny but that’s her definition of a celebrity.

Xandy Kamel’s definition of a celebrity explains her ignorance.

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Watch the short interview below.

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There is no celebrity in Ghana!!! Do u agree with her??

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