Don’t Be Deceived, Old Age Has Nothing To Do With Wisdom If Not Methuselah Would Have Been The Wisest Man On Earth Not Solomon — Reno Omokri

Most people think wisdom is attached to old age so the more a person grows older, the wiser he or she becomes.

But according to a popular Nigerian legal practitioner, Reno Omokri, old age is only a sign of long life and it has nothing to do with wisdom.

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He quizzed that if old age is a sign of wisdom, then why was Solomon the wisest man on earth and not Methuselah who lived for 969 years?

“If you think OLD AGE is a sign of WISDOM, then what happens to FOOLISH people? Don’t they grow OLD too? Or does OLD AGE cure them of their FOOLISHNESS? Don’t be deceived. OLD AGE is only a sign of LONG LIFE. The chief priests who killed Jesus were OLD.”

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“The OLDEST man in The Bible was METHUSELAH-Genesis 5:27. The WISEST man in The Bible was SOLOMON-1 Kings 10:23. If OLD AGE was SYNONYMOUS with WISDOM, METHUSELAH would have been WISER than SOLOMON. Don’t be DECEIVED. WISDOM is NOT by AGE” he noted.

Source: GhanaCelebrities.Com


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