VIDEO: Blockheaded AJ Poundz And Another Dimwit Defend Mama Gee’s Unregistered Concoctions On Live Television

Let’s even pretend to be dumb and assume that Mama Gee’s concoctions, love charms and s-x enhancement products work effectively but the question every level headed person should ask is “are the products scientifically tested and licenced by the Ghana Food and Drugs Authority”?

Once a product works but hasn’t gone through a series of tests and approved by the Food and Drugs Authority ─ whether it works effectively and can even cure the deadly disease Ebola it remains illegal.

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And you have blockheaded television personality Matilda Adjoa Densu aka AJ Poundz and another dimwit who calls herself Akosua Sexy sit on live television and defend Mama Gee’s unregistered concoctions and love charms.

And shockingly, they quoted a Bible verse to defend Mama Gee who’s currently in the grips of the FDA and Ghana Police for selling unregistered concoctions made from herbs to lazy Ghanaian women to milk cash out of rich men.

And another dumb question they asked; “when did herbs become juju”? ─ forgetting that in law, there is nothing like juju or spirituality ─ Mama Gee was actually arrested for selling unregistered products and not on the basis of juju or black magic.

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AJ Poundz in any serious jurisdiction would have been fired by the television station for lamely defending illegality on live television.

Watch the short video below.



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