Kwame A Plus Writes – The Youth of Today Must Change their Attitudes If They Are to Become Better Leaders Than the Hopeless One We Currently Have

Musician/political activist A Plus writes…

Those of us calling for the youth to take over must not pretend the youth have not had multiple opportunities to be part of governance in Ghana.

Young people over the years have played significant roles in every government. The old men and women you see today were the same young people who cried for change and promised to be better leaders if given the opportunity.

ET Mensah, JA Kuffour, Akuffo Addo, JJ Rawlings, Tsatsu Tsikata, Totobi Kwakye, Ahoi Brothers, Alban Gbagbin, etc, were all young advocates who believed that with common sense, wisdom and selflessness they could steer the country towards prosperity if given the mandate. Unfortunately, they failed woefully by doing worse than they cried over.

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Instead of accepting their mistakes and beg for forgiveness, these old NDC and NPP folks have out of discomfiture spent years engaging in comparative analysis of who is worse. One may argue that Rome was not built in a day. I totally agree. However, Singapore, Malaysia, etc were built in less than 62 years.

Mr. Rawlings, for example, became head of state in his early 30s and had the opportunity to rule this country for 19 years. Okudzeto Ablakwa, Felix Ofosu Kwakye, James Agyenim Boateng, Kojo Oppong Nkrumah, John Jinapor the current defence minister, Dominic Nitiwul, just to mention a few, are examples of young people who were or have been given opportunities to serve the people while in their 20s and 30s. Did Ghana see any significant progress under the former young appointees? Are the current young appointees doing anything different from what they criticize and complained about? They know the answers to these questions themselves.

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Those of us fighting for change today must learn from this. When given the opportunity one day, we must not also follow this unproductive trend that leads to hopelessness. Gone are the days when people said one thing, did the exact opposite and got away with it. Today, everything we say or do will be documented online and used against us by the next generation if we fail to live by our words to make Ghana a better place for them.

As you shout #TPP (The People’s Project) and advocate for the youth to take over again, kindly remember that the youth have taken over on so many occasions since independence but always failed and grown up into shameless old men and women who pretend not to remember their promises to the people and their criticisms of their predecessors.

This revolution must begin on an individual or personal level. Instead of being in a hurry to take over governance of the country, let’s first of all take over our emotions, (Kwame A Plus included.) Let’s take over our attitudes, let’s take over our morals, let’s take over our personal sanitation, let’s take over our attitude towards work. All of us must change!!! It begins with you and I. We cannot afford to fail ourselves and the next generation. It’s now or never!!! Ghana once again is ready for the next set of young people to take over and lead it to prosperity.

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Whether another set of young people will soon see us as heroes or will out of despair demand that another generation of youth take over from us, depends on you and I.

TPP, for us, by us…

-The Leader.

Source: GhanaCelebrities.Com


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