GC EXCLUSIVE: Ghanaian Actress Khareema Aguiar On the Run After Borrowing Huge Cash from a Friend Who Has Successfully Sued Her Over the Debt—See the Court Docs

As sly as her eyebrows…

When it comes to sustaining any form of relationship with Ghanaians, the first rule is—do not borrow them any amount of cash you cannot afford to gift to them. Because many would never pay back whatever you lend them and this would ruin your relationship with them.

actress-Khareema Aguiar

The above is exactly what happened between a London-based Ghanaian woman who became friends with struggling Ghanaian actress-Khareema Aguiar.

Let me be frank: if you do not know actress-Khareema Aguiar, do not worry your head—she is below Z-list and except for this story, she is not that important.

This friend of Khareema Aguiar who prefers not to be named (not because of her imprudence of lending huge sums to a broke friend, but because she is a private person) gave a huge amount, a total of about 50,000 GHS to the actress somewhere in 2016—in chops.

When it was time for the actress to pay back the monies which she borrowed on the back of stories such as paying hospital bills of her child, she turned into a prolific ‘Kwaku Ananse’ storyteller—as if she was auditioning for a position to rejuvenate ‘by the fireside.’

Soon, it became a cat and mouse enterprise—to the extent that the friend had to sue Khareema Aguiar in court, and presented her evidence to the court.

GhanaCelebrities.Com is told that the moment the lawsuit was filed in Ghana, actress Khareema Aguiar turned into a ghost—she is said to have flown to Canada, where she is currently hiding.

The notice of the claim was plastered on the wall of her house, and eventually, summary judgement of about 71,000 GHS (the amount borrowed plus interest) was issued against her by the Accra High Court in April 2019.

With the actress currently hiding in Canada and with little to no asset to her broke name, the creditor, has a judgement at hand but in reality, her money is gone.

It’s difficult for someone to forfeit 71,000 GHS but the truth is, I do not think Khareema Aguiar would be able to pay this amount back.

Now, their friendship is ruined, and the creditor says she regrets helping Khareema Aguiar’s deceptive broke butt. I am not sure why actress-Khareema Aguiar’s eyebrows alone didn’t serve as a warning to the creditor.

Khareema Aguiar


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