I Want Beef With Moesha, Shyngle And Other Hippie Actresses Not Hippopotamus Like You – Akuapem Poloo Fires Back After Xandy Kamel’s Comment Over ‘Baby Mama’ Movie

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There is a fresh beef ongoing, sparked by Akuapem Poloo yesterday.

Apparently, it has taken a ‘horrible’ form as Xandy Kamel has joined in the feud between Akuapem Poloo and Baby Mama Producer, Tracey Boakye.

Xandy Kamel has called out Akuapem Poloo for failing to promote ‘Baby Mama’ movie which they both played a role.

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According to her, Poloo turned down all interviews to promote the movie even though Tracey Boakye talked to her to help ‘sell’ the movie.

To make things ugly, Xandy alleged that Kumasi men were pounding Akuapem Poloo left and right during ‘Baby Mama’ shoot.

“Producers please, I think it is high time you start casting only people who are ready to promote your movies. It is very important. Now to you Akuapem Poloo, you think the one who advised you to not promote the movie has good intentions for you?

Thanks to God, the movie premiere was a success. The producer called you several times for endorsements and promotions but you kept giving her excuses thinking that without you the movie premiere will flop.

You have been disgraced and you think with this attitude people will cast you for movies?” Xandy Kamel fired.

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But Akuapem Poloo who doesn’t leave such controversies to die out naturally has responded to Xandy Kamel.

She has noted she doesn’t beef with hippopotamus actress like her type, but she wants Moesha, Shyngle and those hippie actresses to beef her so she can beef!

Watch the two videos below;

Source: GhanaCelebrities.Com


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