PHOTOS Of ‘Jesus Christ’ Preaching In The Church Of A South African Pastor Hit Social Media

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Photos of ‘Jesus Christ’ ministering the word of God in the church of one South African Pastor have gone viral on the internet with many asking questions as to whether it’s the true son of God or some other ‘Jesus Christ’.

One Twitter user in Kenya posted the photo with the caption;

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“A Kenyan pastor claims he has found Jesus Christ walking on the streets of Kenya. Took the whiteman to his church, gave him a warm welcome and now his church followers are happy that Jesus has finally come back!

And lucky for them, he landed in Kenya first. 🤦🏾‍♂️🧐”.

Another user from South African also tweeted;

“A pastor from South Africa invited Jesus from heaven to preach in his church today. Local man have seen enough”.

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Apparently, ‘Jesus Christ’ landed in Kenya first and then was taken to South Africa.

Check the photos below.



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