Nobody Chooses to Become Gay, People Are Born with It and There’s Nothing Ghanaians Can do to Change That – Mzbel Once Again Displays Impressive Maturity

It’s amazing how tolerant one can become the moment you decide to throw off the restrictive shackles of organized religion.

When you don’t have to conform to a religion from the middle ages with middle age values, voila, you all of a sudden don’t have to hate everyone different than you are.

Mzbel caused a stir some years ago when she kicked religion to the curb, upsetting many Ghanaians in the process.

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But it seems to have liberalized her views a bit, helping her to defend homos*xuality in a recent interview.

Asked what she would do if her son decided to become gay, Mzbel said her son cannot decide to become gay because gay is not something people can choose.

She explained that nobody chooses to be gay but it’s something you’re born with.

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She said her son isn’t gay but if he was she would simply support him.

Watch Mzbel’s refreshing, 21st-century views on the topic below… Ghanaians still stuck in the 1st century BC can learn a lot from her.

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Do you agree with @mzbeldaily that gay is by birth? I strongly disagree though

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