VIDEO: I Don’t Vote Because There’s No Benefit In Voting – Donzy

Apparently, joining long queues in the sun to vote for Political leaders in Ghana is seen as an unprofitable venture to Ghanaians looking at how these politicians go about policies when they finally gain power.

People have lost interest in voting for obvious reasons that Ghanaian politicians keep repeating the same mistakes of previous governments.

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Now, Team-based Rapper, Donzy Chaka in an interview on Sammy Flex TV has disclosed that he doesn’t vote and will never bother voting because there is no benefit associated with it.

He said this on the back of lies and corrupt activities by politicians before and after elections.

“Bra Sammy, I still won’t vote because there is no benefit in voting. They will tell you I will do 120 percent of this but when they are being voted for, you won’t even see 30 percent of what they promised is done. When I was a kid, all my family members were NPP so it was by force to go and vote. If not, you wouldn’t get money for food and to go to school. They will tell you a lot of things but when they get the power, the benefits are shared among themselves so I realized that there isn’t any sense in voting”, he said.

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Watch the full interview below.



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