Meet Margaret Adu-Asabre – the Budding Actress to Watch Out For This Year

Margaret Adu-Asabre

There are people born into this world that have a purpose from the start. They were meant to do something, and know it for their whole lives. Actress and entrepreneur Margaret Serwaa Adu-Asabre is one of those lucky few. Born in Accra and raised in Uadarra barracks in Kumasi, she has known what she wanted to do at the age of six – acting. She started performing both at church and school at that early age.

Margaret carries a larger-than-life persona when she steps into a room. Impressively vibrant and immensely talented, the Ghanaian-born beauty exudes ambition that has gained her impressive movie roles.

A strong combination of warm personal charm and a rare figure, Margaret’s launch in the movie industry is steadily building momentum. With years of acting experience, Margaret Adu-Asabre is gradually becoming an in-demand, versatile force in the industry.

Her career is on the move, and she is definitely someone to pay attention to this year.

GhanaCelebrities.Com caught up with the budding actress as she discussed her acting career. Enjoy!

GhanaCelebrities.Com (GC): Tell us about yourself.

Margaret: My name is Margaret Serwaa Adu-Asabre. I’m 30 years old, from Asante Akyem Agogo in the Ashanti Region.  I’m an actress and entrepreneur. My hobbies include swimming and watching movies. Above all, I love to engage in philanthropic works. I want to grow as one of the top actresses not only in Ghana but internationally and impact positively on the future generations.

GC: What movies have you starred in so far?

Margaret: Evil Soul, Ye De Owuo Ka, Boniaye Kae, Fatal Lust, It Takes Two, My Story, Look Into My Thighs, Red line, Grave Yard, Lord Of Miracles, Monster and the list goes on and on. I have also starred in TV series like Office Palava, Heartbreak Hotel, Abrabo, and Biribi Gyegye Wo.

GC: That’s impressive. What made you enter the movie industry in the first place?

Margaret: Acting has always been part of me. It’s passion. I have been acting and performing both at school and church since age six. Along the line, I was offered the opportunity to play a role in a movie and I accepted it. One thing led to the other and my love for the acting became kept increasing so I decided to pursue it.

GC: How would you describe the state of the movie industry in Ghana now?

Margaret: It is still in its developmental stages and there’s more to be done to meet international standards. The future looks bright for our industry. It’s not where it ought to be but gradually I believe we will get there.

GC: That’s great. What challenges do you face as an actress?

Margaret: The Biggest challenge is providing my own costume and makeup sometimes. And also managing production time alongside my other work.

GC: Where lies your preference?  Theatre or film; and why?

Margaret: For now, I’m more inclined towards films because as an actress, I have more opportunities with film than theatre, though I love both. Growing up, I started with stage acting.

GC: What has been your greatest accomplishment as an actress?

Margaret: My greatest accomplishment as an actress is adjusting to the arts and not getting carried away. It may not seem much but it takes a lot of discipline and humility to achieve this mindset. I have learnt to be always better than my former self and not compete blindly. It’s a personal accomplishment I’m proud of. Each production at a time with dedication and giving the best of me is my motivation. You know as an actor, we are always judged by our last work. So I take each project seriously and give my all.

GC: Describe your acting style?

Margaret: I am versatile so I am not restricted to a particular style of acting.

GC: Who is your favourite actor and why? And what inspiration do you take from him/her

Margaret: Nana Ama McBrown inspires me a lot. I draw a lot of inspiration from her because of her versatility and dedication in the industry. She is confident and a fantastic actress. The way she handled her transformation when she lost some weight made her my role model. A lot of people thought it would affect her career but she worked hard and proved all critics wrong.

GC: Have you progressed in your acting career as you expected?

Margaret: Yes I have progressed since my first script. I have learnt a lot on the job and I still continue to learn. My progress is due to paying attention to the various directors I have worked with. I am certainly better than when I started.

GC:  In which area would you like to improve as an actress?

Margaret:  I would love to improve on roles that demand physical effort. For example, if I’m asked to play a role as an athlete or a boxer.

GC: Any message to Ghanaians?

Margaret: I want Ghanaians to pay attention to my craft while supporting me. Together, we can make our movie industry a better one. Rome was not built in a day so I wish we all take it easy as people and work hard towards our dreams. Sooner or later, hard work will pay off.

GC: Thank you, Margaret.

Margaret: Thank you too and I appreciate the support.

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