I Don’t Have Time to Talk About Someone Who Doesn’t Clean their Butt After Using the Loo – Nana Tornado Claims After Already Talking About Afia for 20 Minutes

Nana Tornado is a pretty funny dude. He recently held an interview during which he kept saying he doesn’t want to talk about Afia Schwar but then went ahead to keep talking about her anyway.

Nana Tornado had more accusations to throw against Afia, his former friend turned deadly enemy.

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He revealed more details about how she allegedly stole Johnny’s gold chain, and said Johnny managed to get Afia to chop easily just by buying her weed.

In another rant, he said all of Afia’s shorts are filled with sh*t because she doesn’t clean her a$$ after visiting the toilet.

He said he used to bath with Afia and they did everything together so he knows what he’s talking about. He also said anyone can go and check her panties and they’ll find what he’s saying is true.

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He also said he doesn’t have time to talk about someone whose panties are filled with excrement, after spending the previous 20 minutes talking just about that.


Source: GhanaCelebrities.Com


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