Badu Kobi Booms Again – Says Ashanti Men Are Egoistic

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Founder and head pastor of Glorious Wave International Church Prophet Emmanuel Badu Kobi has fired again, this time to Ashanti men.

According to him, Ashanti men are too pompous and egoistic.

He noted that was a statement his father made and warned him to be humble and not behave like the others.

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When you are qualifying a tribe you do not say some of them you say them because it is them. My father told me that we Asantes are proud. He said my son, Badu Kobi, don’t emulate them,

People say Badu Kobi is calm…yes! I may be calm but I am not afraid. I am calm and I want to be humble because my father told me that the tribe we come from the men their ego is too big. So I decided that I am from that tribe but I will not live with that ego and I check the Bible and Jesus says I am meek and lonely in heart, come and learn of me,” he said.

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This comment follows an ethnocentric comment the man of God made aginst women in some tribes in Ghana.

He had said Ashanti women are loads of burden in marriages because they are materialistic, whiles Ewes and Fantes are ‘doormat’ and ‘fools’ respectively.

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Even though the man of God came under intense attack after such an infamous comment, he stood to defend his stance to the point of being ready to face Otumfuo.

Now, he’s goof again, this time at the Ashanti men.

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