PHOTO: Moesha Buduong Finally Confirms She’s Had A Butt Job And That Others Like Salma Mumin Have Copied Her

Slay queen Moesha Buduong should be renamed “Queen of butt job” as she has confirmed that she’s had a butt job in this post she made on Instagram.

Moesha Buduong somewhere in 2018 was in the news after a video of her with a liposuction mark at her back went viral on social media.

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According to Deloris Frimpong Manso, Moesha Buduong denied that it’s a liposuction mark when she called her to clarify the rumours.

Moesha Buduong actually lied to Delay that the mark on her back is from a mosquito bite during her childhood days.

But hey, fast-forward to 2019, Moesha Buduong is on Instagram trolling Salma Mumin for copying her following Salma’s alleged butt enlargement surgery in Turkey.

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Moesha in an Instagram subtly confirmed that indeed she’s had a butt job and that others such as Salma Mumin have copied her.

She wrote; “First they laugh ,then they copy😊they always wanted it🤦‍♀️yet they troll you 🙄”.

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Ghanaian celebrities; a bunch of pathetic liars who lie even when caught pants down!


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