Arafat Was As Controversial As Shatta Wale – He Had Several Baby Mama’s And He Was Not In Good Terms With His Mum – Find Out More About DJ Arafat

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GhanaCelebrities.Com has dug deeper on DJ Arafat, his private life and who he really was before his death.

Yesterday saw the sad incident of Ivorian top DJ Arafat’s death.

Even though he has currently taken over the media platforms, most people in Ghana and outside Francophone Africa do not know much about Arafat.

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GhanaCelebrities.Com has done a search to enlight you about who Arafat truly was.

In a close interview with an Ivorian national, he disclosed Arafat is the biggest artist in Ivory Coast and Francophone Africa.

According to him, Arafat was like Ghana’s ‘Shatta Wale’ and has a whole multitude called ‘La Chine Populaire’ (The popular China) as his fans.

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Apparently, the musician is known to be a very controversial person who had ‘beefed’ many of his colleague musicians, yet he was the most talented of all.

You know Arafat is like the Shatta Wale of Ivory Coast — most popular artiste in Ivory Coast and in the whole of Francophone Africa.

He is very stubborn, having beef with most of his colleague musicians. Above all he is the most talented’ Our close source said.

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Arafat’s mum Tina Glamour also used to be a musician who is widely known in Ivory Coast. According to our source, he was not in good terms with his mother before his death.

Arafat’s mum on her way to the hospital after the accident

Although news surrounding Arafat’s wife is a bit sketchy, she is known as Carmen Sama. She is not a showbiz person and she was not known before Arafat tied the knot with her.

Our source noted the musician had a daughter who is less than a year with his legal wedded wife Carmen Sama, but he had children from his several past relationships.

Arafat and his wife sama

Arafat’s wife and child

Source: GhanaCelebrities.Com

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