Don’t Judge Homos3xuals; You May Never Know How They Ended Up Like That- Counsellor Charlotte Oduro

When you deviate from what we have all grown to know and accept as the normal way of doing things, you are seen as nothing but a human possessed by a demon of a kind because it is incomprehensible to the lot why people of the same s3x would find something desirable in each other.

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Female Counsellor Charlotte Oduro has stated without mincing words that people should stop being judgemental when it comes to homos3xuals because it is hard to tell why they are like that. According to her, the church which is supposed to deliver such souls is now busily about money and success.

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“Men of God are no more Spiritual, they don’t pray because they think they have made it already. All they think about is the offering, give more. Give more for what? The souls that would give you the money, they no longer care about them.

“When somebody is a lesbian or gay, it’s not a joke, don’t judge homosexuals because you do not know what led them into the act. There are gays in the church, lesbians in the church. They think the church is where they would be delivered but the church is now where they are even blessed to do more.

It a spiritual thing and we don’t deal with it physically. I don’t judge people like that because we are not in their shoes.”

Source: GhanaCelebrities.Com


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