Ghanaian TV Presenters and Journalists Are Metaphorical Prostitutes—the Case of Berla Mundi and Many Others – CHRIS-VINCENT Writes

They call it poaching or jumping the ship. I call it media prostitution—and Berla Mundi’s move from EiB, a place which undoubtedly made her and which she called home, once again reminds us that Ghanaian Journalists and TV Presenters have no drop of loyalty in their blood.

Over the years, we’ve seen several media personalities surprisingly ditching stations or networks they’ve worked at for donkey years and sometimes these stations made them, because new networks have offered them more cash.

It does not matter how much you pay an employee, another person, if determined, would always be able to offer a little more.

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In economics, the reward of labour is noted as wages or salary. This was, perhaps, wholly true during the industrial revolution of the 18th century Europe.

In today’s real world, the relationship between employers and employees is more complex and interesting than economic scholarship could have predicted or in a facile manner saw as labour and pay.

When it comes to our contemporary labour market, something else is often important than salary in certain circumstance—and that’s loyalty.

Loyalty is what would make an employee forgo a generous monetary offer from her employer’s competitor and continue to stick with a place she has long called home.

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Berla Mundi’s shocking move from EiB to Media General once again reminds us that only a few are loyal in Ghana—especially when money is involved.

We’ve seen others such as Fiifi Banson also forsaking their long standing employers in the past—by quickly jumping ships because a good monetary offer was made to them.

While many myopically focuses on just the cheque in front of them, a few smart ones take into consideration the priceless value of loyalty. In Ghana, almost all those occupying the media space fall with the borders of the former.

All corporate prostitution lack loyalty, the hallmark of greed, and they mostly end with “had I known.”

Today, Berla Mundi is being called a family member at Media General—when yesterday, her family was EiB. Without loyalty, there is no family, irrespective of the money on the table.

The truth is, these Ghanaian Journalists and TV Presenters ain’t loyal.

Source: AfricaCelebrities.Com


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