REPORT – Incompetent Mess Kwesi Appiah to Be Handed A 2 Year Contract Extension

Black Stars coach James Kwesi Appiah is set to be handed a two-year contract extension to take Ghana to the 2021 African Cup of Nations, a new report has revealed.

According to sports site GhanaCrusader, the coach who blessed Ghana with our worst African Cup performances in 13 years would be given a contract extension at the directive of the President.

The report claims a recent meeting was held between the coach and President Nana Akufo-Addo, during which the President decided he should be kept on.

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Appiah has a contract which runs till December this year; and even though he was mandated to win the Cup or face the sack, he has retained his job even after the team’s pathetic performance in Egypt.

If Appiah was going to be sacked they would have already done it and started the search for his replacement – the fact he’s still in the job already gave it away they weren’t going to sack him.

Back to the report, it claims the President has directed the normalization committee to retain Appiah and hand him a two-year contract extension instead of sacking him.

The great bootlicker Appiah is thus set to retain his job despite his manifest incompetence which all Ghanaians are witness to.

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If this report is confirmed, which it very well may be, it would only confirm that just as in every other sphere of Ghanaian society, getting a job in this country is mainly about who you know or whose a$$ you kiss, rather than what you can do in the job.

Appiah is the worst Black Stars coach in a decade and he’s still comfortably keeping his job. That’s the problem with Ghana right there and why we have no future as a country.

Source: GhanaCelebrities.Com


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