I Once Received Three Free Laptops In Australia Just for Being A Celebrity But In Ghana Nobody Is Willing to Support Musicians – Choirmaster Rages on Social Media in Lengthy Rant

Praye Honeho, the member of Praye who split from the group before rejoining, has gone on an epic rant on social media after some comments from Dada Hafco touched his soul.

Hafco had opined that music groups generally break up because of issues relating to ego and chasing women and it seems to have struck a raw nerve in Choirmaster.

In a lengthy rant to prove that groups don’t break up due to ego and women but due to lack of support, he recounted numerous issues Praye are facing as a group in their attempt to make a huge comeback.

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As we reported earlier, he revealed that despite a huge clamour by Ghanaians for them to return, no one seems willing to support them in their attempt to hold a huge comeback tour to raise funds for future projects.

In his rant, he revealed how foreigners support celebrities a lot using two anecdotes.

In one, he said he once received a discount in a shop in the U.S just by virtue of being a celebrity and in another, he revealed that a laptop company in Australia gave him three free laptops just for being a celebrity.

His point was in Ghana they don’t receive that support from companies, making it difficult for groups to say together.

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He wrote: “See I came to the USA just a week ago ,Me and my manager entered a shop to go get some clothes , I saw my manager approached the shops manager and tells him I’m a celebrity from Ghana there norr immediately they gave us celebrity discount I said ah I was shocked, same time I was introduced by manager to a big laptop company in AUSTRALIA and there noorrr they dashed me 3 laptops I said woow!!!

He added: “So what is it that we are not doing right in our own hometown our own people that we are not getting the support from them wey them they toss toss we like coins like that?”

Read Choirmaster’s lengthy response to Dada Hafco below…

Source: GhanaCelebrities.Com


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