Praye’s Comeback Is Failing Because We’re Broke And Big Companies Like Kasapreko, Nestle, Adonko And Others Have Failed To Sponsor Us – Choirmaster Cries

Ghanaians relished Praye come together after their 5-year break, they finally did and are seemingly becoming irrelevant after they reunited.

Choirmaster has taken to social media to bare it all — why Ghanaians have not ‘heard’ from the group who once thrilled them with tunes like ‘Angelina’, Wo Din’ ‘Shordy’ and others.

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Praye ‘Honeho’ who caused the group’s slipt has painstakingly responded to Dada Hafco after he said music groups in Ghana split mainly because of ego and women.

According to Choirmaster, the Praye group fizzled out of the music industry and eventually separated because of the lack of funds which made it difficult for them to carry out certain tasks in releasing songs.

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He noted that is currently their situation and it’s the reason why they can not release songs anymore.

Choirmaster revealed they have been looking for sponsorship for their projects since their comeback, but none of the companies they have turned to welcomed them till date.

In a long piece shared on his Facebook wall, he has chronicled how Kasapreko, Nestle, Adonko Bitters, and other companies in Ghana have denied them sponsorship which has affected their music career.

Read his message below;

Dear Dada Hafco Let me also tell you about the reason why groups split or breakup and its far from #Ego!!! Look We all witnessed how the whole Ghana rallied behind praye to reunite and after the unity we thought we will get the support as perceived. A group that splitted for more than five years and is cash trapped, how do we fund our new project? So we decided to plan and embark on a come back tour to raise funds for the project, Remember things have changed in the game so therefore as a legendary group we need to step up, trust me of late if you wanna get a very good standard video your budget should be more than 8000Ghc and above, not to talk about the greasing of palms”payola” to push the track both on radio and on the street so u Defnitly need some funds to run it.

Now all the proposals and arrangements have been made by managers so the next step is to go look for sponsorship and support and that be where the WAHALA!!! Dey!! First of all we went to the ministry of tourism with our proposals thinking that because “Ma People” Go support their government sometime back they will help but that was our first disappointment,Trust me No help,

Ok lets move on, we met KOD sometime back at Starr fm, he’s actually one of the loud advocates of #prayecomeback and we were discussing about how we needed support from nestle our own Nescafe 3 in 1 and he said oh let me give you Richards number call him he Wil sort u out, meeting is over next day we first messaged Richard on whatsapp and via normal text in the morning he came to read all of them but no reply ok cool, I waited till like lunch time I called and fortunately he picks up “oh Choirmaster I saw ur message then I was a bit tight ” I said cool no problem so I presented our request to him he said brilliant chale I will cal u back ok, whim!!! No call , but I didn’t call him back I waited till the next day I called and messaged he hasn’t picked or replied till now and I’m talking about 5 months ago ooo till now no picking.

Ok lets move on we hear say kasapreko is runned by the government so once again chale because I think say my people go support their government they will support us but once again whim!! No help!! Disappointment!!!

Ok lets move on we again hear say adonko bitters too come the system inside chale lets go look for support, we presented our proposals still today ,tommoro, today tommoro which ive even automatically turned into a hook that I sing every day on my lips,

oh the time Nam One come abi ibi big jay e mate or senior or so, Big jay send send am messages aaahh everyday the same today tommoro,today tommoro till the empire fall, not to talk about the individual people who we know are capable of supporting that we have approached but still no help,

See I came to the USA just a week ago ,Me and my manager entered a shop to go get some clothes , I saw my manager approaced the shops manager and tells him I’m a celebrity from Ghana there norr immediately they gave us celebrity discount I said ah I was shocked, same time I was introduced by manager to a big laptop company in AUSTRALIA and there noorrr they dashed me 3 laptops I said woow!!! So what is it that we are not doing right in our own hometown our own people that we are not getting the support from them wey them they toss toss we like coins like that and

So if you are my brother or a sister or my father or mother, Cousin , uncle will you advice me to go through this struggle, hustle from people who claim they love and want you back when they know I have a degree in filmmaking, over to you! Answer for yourself…

As I’m putting up this post you will get some morons, idiots all knowing but do little characters popping up and throwing shades to tell me what a man with two kids and a family to take care of has to do to survive, just Because he or she gets the opportunity to sit on radio without pay so he or she has to be loud to be heard with no proper content and survive so ego dey misbehave….

As for Kiki Banson he just came to lie to us about the support he will give us when we come together and then he formed a whatsapp group to unite us nooor then he run away fast! Because in his mind all the time he knew deep within inside that he caused our break up! So he had to do all he can to bring us back because of guilty co , and With how he did it ibi only the 3 of us know ,Chale praye is bleeding and so is the industry and if the support no come aaahh till individually members find another way that will make them some money to feed their families then people dey there with their biiiig Mouth kpafooo!!! Like “Tolo beefy” saying we want unity “we want unity ” adei unity na yebedi” its funds to support the unity and the new project u said u wanted to hear from us is what we need eno be just mouth!!

Ena #Ego !!! Ena #Woman !!!Massa ibi #kudi #kafa we need at least should be able to meet half way all the team coming to support the push of the project ! Looking at how hard you have worked on your Dada Hafco DadaBees Empire brand if I tell you to go back and join your group #NFRAMA aa u go go ? Haha I guess Naaaa!!! So you should be the mouth piece for us to tell them the hustle we go through since you are a typical experience.

May God bless our music industry and prune all the bad minded old skul minded hypocrite licking boot, careless so called drivers of the industry and lets sit up plan and bring More investors.. Steve Harvey with his worth that we all know is a potential investor will just come and chop fufu with the minister and dance with kente cloth in his neck and go back to America with his money because we got no plan for him and we don’t support our selves! Your support is what spiritually uplift s the talent to fly high for you to admire that’s all..

I hope say Ego be One day !

#Theindustryiscrawling #bleeding #investorsneeded #letssupportourown

End of Part One #TGIF ma brother

Source: GhanaCelebrities.Com


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