Princess Shyngle Foolishly Curses Those Who Visit Her IG Page But Never Bother To Follow Her

Princess Shyngle is obsessed with mere social media likes, comments and huge following which in reality doesn’t translate into money.

She has foolishly cursed all those who visit her Instagram page but refuse to follow her.

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She ignorantly claims over 3 million people visited her page but never bothered to hit on the follow button ─ forgetting that not everyone is interested in the nonsense she engages in on Instagram.

She posted a screenshot of her Instagram analytics’ reach and impressions with a caption cursing those who visited her page but never followed her;

“Hold up wait a minute so over 3 million people came to visit my page on a weekly basis and none of y’all decided to follow me 😡😡😡 God will punish all of una oh 😂😂 what type of witchcraft and wickedness is this nau😢😢 follow me jor 😂😂”.

Apparently, she thinks it’s everyone who’s interested in her photoshopped photos and fake ‘behind’.

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Clement Enoku

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