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Don’t Marry If You’re Not Ready To Put Your Wife First Over Your Mom – Business Strategist Advises Men

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According to a Business Strategist, Samuel Otigba, any man who isn’t ready to prioritise his wife over his mother shouldn’t bother to marry.

Samuel Otigba explaining why he will put his wife first over his mother said;

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“Took a while to wean myself off my parents, especially my mum cause motherly love. Gradually I trained my parents on how to properly deal with my future self and respect my decisions by giving them space. A lot of people need to live alone for a bit before finding husband or wife.

Does that truncate the love I have for my mum cause new wife, No. My mother will always have a special place in my life. If she needed blood, liver or kidney cause emergency, I wouldn’t hesitate. Like I said, special place, my future wife will have all places in my life, not one. “People dating to marry need to answer this important question: ’If you had to save one person in an even life or death situation, who will it be, a parent, your spouse or child?

If you were asked to save either mother or child during child birth complications, who’ll you pick?”

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This post was published on August 18, 2019 3:46 PM

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